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In 2011, the founder of Wired magazine claimed that at least a trillion web pages existed. But that was seven years ago, so there are certainly well over a trillion web pages in existence by now.

So here’s a question for you:

What makes your website’s pages so much more special than the trillions of others out there?

According to many webmasters, an impressive backlink profile is what makes most good web pages special. How, though, can you get more links to build an awesome backlink profile?

Here are eight effective strategies that webmasters everywhere swear by:

1. Create High-Level Content

We know what you’re about to say:

We’ve all heard this one before. And it’s getting old.

But guess what? Not everyone seems to grasp what “high-level content” is. Which is why the internet has become a collection of mostly useless web pages.

For every web page that receives a legitimate backlink, there are hundreds more that never receive a single backlink. And the difference in results is often a product of the quality of those web pages’ content.

Content that addresses audiences’ questions and keeps them engaged is good content. Content that puts new ideas out into the world is good content.

But content that tells your audience how great your product is and constantly begs them to buy your products? Not cool. And definitely not high-level enough to earn quality backlinks.

2. Write Guest Posts

Working for free can be a drag. As a result, some people are reluctant to invest their time in writing guest posts.

But here’s the thing:

You should never equate guest posting with working for free.

No, you don’t receive monetary compensation for writing guest posts, but you do receive:

  • a free link to your website
  • possible brand mentions
  • an increase in authority

Of course, you shouldn’t write guest posts for just any site. Any site you guest post for must have a reputation that makes your post worth the effort.

So do write guest posts for But don’t write guest posts for

3. Reach Out to Authoritative Figures

Let’s imagine that you always write high-level content. But for some reason, your content doesn’t generate the number of backlinks you think it should.

Now answer this question:

What else have you done to promote that content?

Because the truth is that sometimes writing good content isn’t enough to score backlinks. And when that happens, your only option is to get your content in front of the people who matter most to your business.

This process usually entails pitching to influencers, news reporters, and other authoritative figures. The goal is to get them to see your content, acknowledge its utility, and link to it.

4. Use Branded Keywords

Remember when we said that you should create high-level content? Well, what if we told you that you should create “Skyscraper Content” instead?

We’re guessing that at least a few of you would recognize the term. It was popularized by webmaster Brian Dean a few years ago.

So what does it mean?

Nothing fancy. It just means that you should be creating unique, high-level content, which is what we’ve been saying the entire time.

But why didn’t Brian just say that?

Because selling the “Skyscraper Technique” is easier. It’s marketable, and the term had the potential to become a branded keyword.

5. Find Mentions and Convert Them Into Backlinks

Has your website or company ever been mentioned on another website? If so, did your referrer link back to your website?

If not, we recommend that you send a polite message to your referrer to request a backlink.

The logic here is simple:

The referrer liked your content or trusted your services enough to mention your brand. So you have no reason to believe that the referrer wouldn’t at least be open to the idea of adding a backlink to your site.

Especially since doing so would be as simple as using your brand mention as the anchor text. The process takes mere seconds.

6. Choose Content Formats That Generate Buzz

So you’ve done everything you can to find out what ails your readers and address their qualms:

  • You’ve used keyword research tools.
  • You’ve done the appropriate outreach.
  • You’ve created branded keywords that would appeal to them.

But your backlink building strategy is still falling flat. And here’s why:

Though your content may be great, your content’s format isn’t ideal. Because this is the internet. Many of your audience members only read headlines.

As a result, you have to tailor your content to this style of reading. In other words, readers should be able to easily scan your content.

And that’s not at all.

Some readers are looking for more thorough, all-encompassing blog posts. To satisfy those readers, you might want to publish a few ultimate guides.

7. Look for Broken Links on Other Websites

A website can be here one day and gone the next. When it disappears, you can swoop in and take its place.

And a part of taking its place is taking its backlinks.

Just think about it. The site may have disappeared, but the references to it still exist. Of course, those references are likely now 404 errors.

Capitalize on this fact by contacting the owners of the sites which have links to the old site. Some of them won’t mind replacing those dead links with links to your site.

8. Get Added to Reputable Resource Pages and Directories

Depending on your site’s niche, you might be able to find resource pages that are relevant to what your site offers. If you’re able to do so, considering getting your site added to a couple of these pages.

Just know that you have to be selective about which resource pages and directories link to your site.

Adding your site to several resource pages that aren’t relevant is a bad idea. Search engines have gotten good at catching companies that attempt to abuse the system in this way.

Get More Links Than Ever Using These Backlink Strategies

So how many of these eight strategies are you going to try? How many of them have you already tried?

And if you’ve tried any, how many of them yielded more links for you?

If you’ve tried all of these strategies and still need help building backlinks, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to teach you how to get backlinks like a pro.