SEO tips and tricks

In 2017, Google made over 2,400 changes to its search functions. Trying to predict or keep up with these changes can be exhausting work.

But it’s still worth using a handful of strategies to maintain your search engine optimization (SEO). These approaches don’t go out of fashion no matter how the algorithm changes.

Does your website need a boost? Then read on to learn our best SEO tips and tricks for your business.

Speed up Your Website Loading Time

Bounce rate is a major factor in improving your business SEO. The more time users spend on your site, the better.

You don’t want them clicking away because your site loads too slowly.

A site like GTMetrix can help you pinpoint the speed of your site. It’ll also recommend what you need to fix to speed load times.

In the meantime, optimize images or compress them to cut download times of your website. Investigate different hosting providers to find one that’ll help your website load faster.

Use Calls-To-Action Everywhere

We think internet users are pretty savvy by now. But they still don’t always do what we want them to do.

Use a call-to-action wherever appropriate. Put them in your meta description to encourage users to click through from the search engine results.

Add them to your content to encourage users to click between pages on your website. This keeps visitors on your site for longer, telling Google your website is full of useful content. Then it will direct more users your way.

Switch to Targeting Long Tail Queries Not Single Keywords

People don’t always search for single words. And most of the profitable keywords are already targeted by heavyweight sites.

Focus instead on long tail queries that mimic what human beings type into search engines.

They’re also more likely to match voice search queries. Gartner predicts 30 percent of internet searches will be by voice by 2020. So it’s worth optimizing for that now.

It’s also worth checking out what Google suggests at the bottom of the first page of search results. Sprinkle these alternative search queries through your copy or content for an extra SEO boost.

Focus on the Backlinks

Backlinks are a great way to tell Google that your site is useful. The link flags to the search engine that other people recommend your content.

Encourage customers to leave reviews on third-party review sites. This generates backlinks from sites with high levels of authority.

Sponsor events to get backlinks from local or trade press. Or spend time networking with influencers in your niche.

Producing in-depth, valuable content, packed with research and data, also earns backlinks. You become the authority on the subject, so other sites link to your original post. That enriched content also helps keep visitors on your site for longer.

Which of These SEO Tips and Tricks Will You Use?

There are many more strategies than we can cover here. Some involve blogging or other forms of content creation. Others need promotion to back them up.

But these SEO tips and tricks will get you started with a boost to your website. And the overall strategy behind them means you’ll weather changes to the search engine algorithms.

Does SEO still confuse or worry you? Why not talk to us about our managed SEO services? We’d love to help you.