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Paid Trials

SEO Marketing Customers can have leads sent to your business within 3 days of you signing up for a paid trail. We offer future clients and existing clients the opportunity to test a advertising campaign for only the cost of the advertising. That’s right. SEO Marketing Customers is committed to helping our customers feel comfortable with generating new leads and sales with a paid trail.

What does that mean?

SEO Marketing Customers will help business owners target what products and services will effectively get new client leads. Each of our programs has been tested for success and will be
customized for your business.

  • - SEO Marketing Customers will build a 2 page landing and thank you page.
  • - SEO Marketing Customers will customize a lead contact form for your business.
  • - SEO Marketing Customers will design the creative images and advertisement for your campaign
  • - SEO Marketing Customers will customize the demographics and target market for your product or services.
  • - SEO Marketing Customers will split test numerous ads to see which produces the most leads for money spent.

These leads are exclusive to your business and no one else. Your leads will be sent to your email or phone in real time.


What is the Business Owners Responsibility?

  • - Be ready to handle new customers. There is an 80% increase in conversion from lead to customer with contact within 48 hours.
  • - Have staff or yourself prepared to answer your phone promptly.
  • - For emergency calls, (like towing or plumbing) have your team ready to act quickly to opportunities.
  • - We have been asked many times to stop a campaign due to to many leads.
  • - If you see results, give SEO Marketing Customers the opportunity to earn your business.

The following trials and campaigns listed below have been tested on a national basis.



This campaign for towing company’s will produce a ton of leads. Recommended for tow company’s that offer Emergency and 24/7 Service. Customers will be calling day and night. Almost all towing leads come as a phone call that need service. Please don’t sign up for this trial if your tow company is not staffed up.


This campaign will generate leads for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Electrical services. These services include: Electrical service and maintenance, indoor and outdoor lighting, lighting design, light fixtures and Dimms, ceiling fans, recessed lighting .


This campaign will produce leads for Residential and Commercial HVAC Services including: Air Conditioner Repair, Air Condition Installation, Heating Systems repairs, Heating systems installation and Recommended 24/7 Emergency Service Support.


Medical Spa/Facial

This campaign works great giving away a 30 minute Free Facial Incentive. Our clients have recouped their advertising and promotional Facial, by up selling spa packages after the client has tried the Spa service. This campaign is front ended for working capital. We understand most Estiticians work on a 50/50 split. Very important to drip on these clients or sell facial products to help with expenses to build long term clients. You should know what a spa client is worth to you.

Gym/ Fitness

This campaign is great to generate new monthly members to your gym. We typically run a Fitness Class or 7 Day free membership to get new people in the door. We have also had tremendous success running $21 for 21 day Unlimited gym or classes. Our clients are converting over 20% of these introductory members into long term members.

Senior Home Care

This campaign will produce leads for elderly clients that need In- Home Care or Assisted Living.

Hair Salon

This campaign is great for a hair dresser working on building a book. We have had a ton of success offering a Free Haircut Incentive with the purchase of $125 Treatment. We can design an incentive for new hair customers.


This campaign will bring in a many new yoga clients. We have had great success offering 7 Days Unlimited Classes for Free. Our Yoga studios are converting these new clients at over 25%.

Real Estate Investors

This campaign is great for realtors trying to get new buyers for investment properties. We have had good success offering a Free Investment Property List. Access to a list of investment properties.

Wedding Photographer

This campaign is specifically targeted to engaged couples. We have created a ton of prime time leads, by offering a Free Mining Photo Session. Why? Because I want you to see the quality of our work before hiring me for your wedding. Our Wedding Photographers are getting paid between $2,900 and $3,900 per wedding gig. Very profitable.


This campaign is designed to generate leads for Residential and Commercial Plumbing services. 24/7 Emergency, after hours service a must. You would be surprised how quickly and how a much a client is willing to pay if their septic system explodes. We have leads that turn into $5,000- $10,000 jobs.

Garage Doors

This campaign will generate leads for Residential and Commercial garage door sales, door spring repair, garage door openers, and garage door installation. Big ticket jobs are created from these leads.

Furnace/ AC Tune Up

This campaign will generate leads for furnace and air conditioner Tune –Ups. We have run offers for Furnace Tune –ups $89 Gas/ $189 Oil. AC tune up $49. These new clients turn into larger sales when they need to replace their compressors and furnaces. These are $4,000- $ 8,000 sales.

Lawn Care

This campaign will generate full service lawn care leads. These services include customized weed control, pest control and fertilization programs. We have generate many leads running an offer for 25% Off your first lawn service and a Free lawn analysis.


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