Why do we need to rank high with Google? Google accounts for over 87% of global organic search traffic, according to one source. Google’s share of monthly online searches in the US at 67%. Microsoft sites account for 19% and Yahoo sites for 10% for desktop searches only.

High Powered Backlinks Have High Value!

Google will reward you if you have high-quality backlinks. They recognize your website as being more credible and trustworthy. Google will also pentalize websites that have poor quality backlinks or no backlinks at all.It is very important that the high powered backlinks to your website are relative to your business.Having backlinks to a website that is not relative to the products or services you provide can also get your website penalized.For example you wouldn’t want a dentist’s website backlinked to a casino website.

A great site to use as a backlink management tool is http://www.semrush.com. You can get a free trial and run a backlink checker. The Semrush backlink checker allows you to get inbound link data for any website: the number of backlinks, new & lost links, their type, referring domains, and more. Learn who is your main competitors are, discover their best backlinks and find out how they got these links.

Things to Look for in finding High Powered Backlinks:

Moz Page Authority and Moz Domain Authority. Moz Page Authority and Moz Domain Authority use a metric with a scale from 1-100. Preferably, you want a Moz page Authority of 20+ and a Moz Domain Authority of 10+. Another great site, http://moz.com offers a free 30 day trial. Moz Pro gives you the highest quality data to analyse Page and Domain Authority.

Majestic Trust Flow and Majestic Citation Flow. The Majestic Trust Flow Checker will check the quality of backlinks associated with your website. Again this is a metric scale that goes from 1100. Preferably, you want to have a Majestic Trust Flow 10+. The Majestic Citation Flow is another metris of Majestic. This metric predicts how promising a link to a site is by considering the link pointing to it. If there are more domains pointing to a blog post, then the more promising it is. This metric is also on a scale of 1-100. Your high powered backlink should have a Majestic Citation Flow of 15+. The average trust to citation flow ratio should be .50. The higher the ratio, the more authoritative and trustworthy the site is. The more authoritative and trustworthy your website is, the higher your ranking on Google.

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are giving great importance to the metrics of Moz Page Authority, Moz Domain Authority, Majestic Trust Flow, and Majestic Citation Flow. You should focus them especially Trust Flow. Having higher citation is of no use until you have good Trust Flow which determines quality. Quality is more important than quantity. Try to focus on these 4 metrics for building your website’s High powered Backlinks. You these strategies and you will see you website move up the Google rankings.